Saturday, 22 December 2012

Summer art sale

Marketing art has become an interesting subject amongst us artists! Through galleries, Kirstenbosch exhibition hall or through friends is the usual way.

Saturday and Sunday 1 - 2 December was chosen to be my first at home summer art sale weekend - a chance to share a large showing of my paintings to family, friends, neighbours, SASA and CAS artist members and past pupils.

The garden angle was dashed due to 110km South Easter winds during the week so the dining room, lounge and patio became a huge gallery of art! It was even a thrill for me to see it all hanging together reminding me of many wonderful plein air ventures!!

What a delightful event of meeting, talking, shopping and drinking tea in the garden. Well worth the effort, and resulting in 33 new owners of my work too! Talents are for sharing and enriching all of our lives.

Be blessed with peace, beauty and love this Christmas and the new year of 2013.

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