Sunday, 23 October 2011

Life is full of surprises

Such a wonderful story in my art class on Thursday!

One of my oil painting pupils has just returned from an overseas holiday on the continent! Sitting in her friend's home in Zurich, Jane admired a painting on the wall of an Nguni cow! 

Going closer to admire the brushstrokes, she discovered it was mine, painted by her very own art teacher! What are the chances - a true God incidence and blessing! The world is a very small place!

PS. This painting, which won the coveted Eleanor Palmer trophy in 2009, was bought from an exhibition at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Spring awakening

August is like spring in our art calender, an awakening after winter! The Constantiaberg Art Society (CAS) AGM, competitions and our SASA Annual Selection day for SASA Annual Exhibition 2011.

The latter was very nerve wracking! 458 art pieces from 163 artists brought before a panel of three proficient judges, Natalie Hircshmann (artist and teacher), Derric van Rensburg (watercolour, acryllic and abstract painter) and Andrew Lambrechts (University art lecturer).

It was a wonderful surprise to be honoured with a highly commended for 'On line', my risky oil painting of irises on a washing line with golden pegs! This was a big step of faith for me into intuitive painting, painting what the canvas suggests once one has textured it. I loved the process!

On line (oil)
It all began after a wonderful two and a half day workshop in Hermanus with Shelley Adams. Its good to test the waters and stretch one's mind and talent!

And my 'Dash in the rain' pastel won a commended on the same selection day!

Dash in the rain (pastel)
Thursday 25 August, was another good night at the  SASA Annual Life and Landscape competition, winning a 3rd with a very busy painting of the bustle down at Kalkbay harbour, called 'Kalky's'. This was painted on site en plein air over two weeks. Sunshine on my back, seagulls calling, fishing boats coming in and out, a quayside full of freshly caught fish - two Red Snappers became a delicious dinner cooked by my husband Brian with champagne mustard sauce over it! The best! Fresh from the sea!

Kalky's (oil)
At a different art society, at the CAS AGM on 30 August, I won a gold (1st) for the oil category. The topic was 'Blue' with orchids in blue vase.

It was a good month indeed!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Monet's yellow kitchen

Monet's yellow kitchen has been the inspiration to a Scottish couple's new kitchen in the house they're building in Evian, Switzerland. And for her decor and design, and being a keen gardener as well, Kathleen Davidson wanted flowers in yellows and blues to add to her Monet-inspired walls!

Imagine my delight when she chose my three 30x30cm square oils and one of my watercolours...

She bought my blue Agapantha head, plus a matching white Agapantha and an artichoke flower in purple which she says remind her of the thistles in Scotland!

She also chose a large energy-filled wild watercolour of two sunflowers! So a collection of four of my artworks in yellow and blue will be very at home on her new walls in Switzerland!

What a blessed day of selling four paintings at our Constantia Art Society summer exhibition at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town - and all four were painted with energy and passion from beautiful living specimens!

Thursday, 3 February 2011

Watercolour magic - Hazel Soan style

Hazel Soan enthusiastically sprinkled her magic passion for watercolour on a very blessed workshop group held in her new studio at the Oceangolf Guest House in Noordhoek on Saturday 15 January 2011.

To watch this internationally acclaimed English artist at work was pure delight, as she shared many technical gems with us - a translucent hibiscus and ellies that glowed in the sun. We too had a go and individual problem-solving time helped many pennies to drop - real aha moments!

An honour and privilege to be in her space! We were also spoilt rotten at a grand buffet lunch served on the patio with the aqua Noordhoek sea crashing on to the beach in the distance - what a highlight of 2011. Memories are made of this!

Hazel has authored many watercolour books  - one on safari through Africa, painting animals and scenery as she went, entitled "African Watercolours" and one on flowers called "10 minute watercolours" - as well as DVDs! A talent shared! Thank you Hazel!

I was thrilled with my sunlight elephant painted from a photo in only three colours!