Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Monet's yellow kitchen

Monet's yellow kitchen has been the inspiration to a Scottish couple's new kitchen in the house they're building in Evian, Switzerland. And for her decor and design, and being a keen gardener as well, Kathleen Davidson wanted flowers in yellows and blues to add to her Monet-inspired walls!

Imagine my delight when she chose my three 30x30cm square oils and one of my watercolours...

She bought my blue Agapantha head, plus a matching white Agapantha and an artichoke flower in purple which she says remind her of the thistles in Scotland!

She also chose a large energy-filled wild watercolour of two sunflowers! So a collection of four of my artworks in yellow and blue will be very at home on her new walls in Switzerland!

What a blessed day of selling four paintings at our Constantia Art Society summer exhibition at Kirstenbosch, Cape Town - and all four were painted with energy and passion from beautiful living specimens!

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