Tuesday 21 April 2015

Plein air inspiration

In March, I was invited to speak at the Constantiaberg Art Society (CAS) about my passion for plein air painting. Having done a presentation to the South African Society of Artists (SASA) at the end of last year, I actually shortened what I had to share... as the real lesson of plein air painting is to go out and do it!

I received this wonderful warm feedback from CAS, and hope to inspire others to get out into nature and look at it through artist's eyes. I'm also thinking of doing plein air workshops again!

Lyn Northam gave us the most interesting and informative demo and talk on 'en plein air' painting. Her friendly spirit and knowledge that she imparts is a delight. She gave us information on the simple equipment needed for sitting out in the sun, the rain and all sorts of weather. 

She made it look simple but really it was an education, something we do not think about taking with us or even on the value of certain aides/ideas and the special know-how of selecting a view to paint - or what to leave out. 

Lyn, your demo was exhilarating and encouraged even the meek to venture out and try their hands at plein air painting.  Thank you for the most valuable information that any aspiring and professional artist could wish to achieve from a wonderful demo and talk."

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