Thursday, 2 December 2010

Class of 2010!

Today was the grand finale of another year teaching 'Oil painting for beginners' to 10 amazing ladies who have embraced the skills, tools, insights and 'secrets' of oil painting with passion - and made it their own, retaining their uniqueness and energy!

Happy/sad day, launching the eaglets from the comfortable nest, to fly and catch the thermals, to greater heights - my third year of teaching, encouraging and facilitating.

What a superb lunch and bubbly they spoilt me with! Lucky me!

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  1. Lyn - welcome to blogworld! Lovely to hear your voice. Thanks again for an amazing year - your enthusiasm and love for painting is totally infectious, and it rubbed off: I so enjoyed the spirit in our class. I'm sure it's rare to find a gifted teacher AND painter - and you are one of them. I think we were the lucky ones!